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If you like Jameson whiskey
And getting caught in the rain
If you like Sunday mornings
And sports drive you insane
If french toast and red wine
Is what makes your day great
I'm the lady you've looked for
Write to me, escape.
I like Jameson whiskey
And smell of streets after rain
My favorite thing about Sunday
Is spending morning in bed
I like the french toast
But if it's not too late
Escaping with you and some red wine
Would make my day great.
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Third Time's The Charm
I saw your eyes on a face
Of a stranger last night
He saw me looking at him
But kept walking on by
I saw your smile on a man
In the back of a crowd
By the time I got through
He was no longer around
I went back to my friends
Thinking twice was enough
Time to drink and forget
The sound of your laugh
As I was pouring my drink
Someone grabbed my arm
At this point I just knew -
Third time is no charm
He looked just like you
With the same tempting smile
Pulling me closer and closer
With the same burning eyes
He kept saying how he is
Not at all drunk
He just wants do dance with me
Maybe have some fun
Now, toasting to sex
Has long been my style
But for a toast to come true
Was too early in the night
So as I was dumping the last bag
Of his chopped up insides
I was thinking how next time
I'll be drinking to love
:iconelenaayis:elenaayis 0 0
Never Together
We'll never get tired
Of holding each other's hand
We'll never get bored
And be forced to pretend
We still like those playful kisses
And stares in each other's eyes
We'll never regret not missing
Those spontaneus smiles
We'll never fake a headache
To get spared for a night
We'll never make a fake plan
To avoid some worthless fight
We'll never argue about hogging sheets
And being cold all through the night
We'll never take it all for granted
Until the day one says goodbye
We'll never walk in moonlight
Amused by the very thought
Of some other person talking back
And laughing at our jokes
We'll never open our eyes at night
And be surprised by what we see
Yet again just for another time
It's only you and me
We'll never feel the pressure
To impress the families
We'll never act out just to prove
We are right about everything
We'll never feel so dissapointed
By dreams not becoming real
We'll never feel bad about losing chances
Wishing we gave in.
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